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Oral Roberts University

MAKE NO LITTLE PLANS HERE This powerful challenge of ORU’s founder, Oral Roberts, is central to the DNA of the university bearing his name. Oral Roberts University is a world-renowned Christian university that focuses on building spirit-empowered leaders who impact their world. Academic programs ORU offers 62 undergraduate majors, 60 minors, a variety of pre-professional programs, graduate programs in business, education and theology and doctoral degrees in education and theology. Exceptional faculty ORU faculty members are leading practitioners in a variety of disciplines who provide individual attention and mentoring in the classroom and beyond. Affordability ORU offers many scholarships and grants. With our Whole Person Scholarship, students can increase their financial award up to $20,000/year. Learn more at http://www.oru.edu/financial_assistance/. Living at ORU Students participate in 40+ clubs/organizations, intramural sports, missions, community outreach, and support our 16 NCAA Division 1 teams. Experience ORU We invite you to visit ORU! Get connected at www.campusvisits.oru.edu or www.oru.edu/admissions Request Information

Work Without Worrying: Learn to Love Learning

So how do we study and learn without worrying? We do it by learning to love the process of learning—the discovery of new things, the challenge, the growth in understanding that only comes from spending focused time on our course work. Live fully in the moments of your study. When you do, you’ll find your anxiety about the outcome start to fade. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” (NASB). 


Work and Recreation Matter to God

One semester a couple of friends and I set aside Saturday mornings to study together for a big exam. The exam was divided into six sections, so we prepared for about three months, taking a chunk each Saturday. We’d work hard, and then to unwind I’d head to the Berkeley Marina for some windsurfing. This exhilarating hobby exhausted me physically, but it was just the refreshment I needed after all that time in the library.


How to Break the Ice with Your New College Roommate

One of the most unnerving aspects of college is meeting the person with whom you will be sharing a small dorm space. You probably have a million concerns and questions about meeting your new roommate. Will she like me? What will we talk about? What if we don't have anything in common? Fear not. This first-time meeting doesn't have to be as awkward as what you are picturing in your head. Here are some suggestions on how to break the ice with your new college roommate.


Recognize Your Calling

Here are some practical guidelines for how to go about deciding on your major and recognizing your calling. You can start this even when you’re in high school. First, narrow down your interests, passions, and gifts: