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Wisdom University

"Many years ago God placed in my heart the desire to establish a university that would teach nothing but the uncompromised Word of God. Wisdom University is the fulfillment of that desire, and is dedicated to imparting the wisdom of God to this generation. Students from all over the world study God's Word through our online courses and conferences, and discover the abundant life God has for them. Through our students and graduates the world is seeing that the Bible is truly the source of all wisdom." Dr. Nasir Siddiki Request Information

When Business Schools Turn Missional

Today’s MBA students want to learn about more than becoming entrepreneurs. They want to integrate a missional mindset into business—to change the world.


Finding Your Niche

Not sure what to study? Ask God if one of these areas is right for you.


The Case for ‘Church-Accredited’ Bible Schools

Church schools and theological training centers have an advantage over other types of liberal arts institutions in developing God’s purposes in students—and it’s by God’s design


Pointers to Help You Succeed in College

Here are a few pointers to help you succeed in college: